There are many vacuum brands out there, but if you want a dependable brand, we
can serve your needs.  We carry and are an Authorized
Service Center for Miele and Oreck.

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Chuck's Sewing & Vacuum

Most people spend a $1000 on a refrigerator to keep a couple
hundred dollars of food. Most people spend $1000 on a washer &
dryer to take care of a couple hundred dollars worth of clothes.  
When it comes to vacuums, they want to spend less than $100 to
take care of $1000's of dollars worth of flooring and furnishings.
1) Vacuum cleaners are generally an abused appliance
2) Most vacuums should be serviced yearly
3) Belts that are rubber should be replaced yearly because they lose elasticity
4) Filters should be cleaned or replaced as needed
5) Bags should be changed before they are a packed solid brick
6) Most people assume that if their vacuum comes on and makes noise, it's OK.
And that's not always true!
7) You should not use powders on your carpet
8) Bagged vacuums filter better than bagless vacuums
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Oreck Vacuums Vero Beach
Miele authorized vacuum dealer